Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The dead still run their household

The dead still run their household

In the first week of November, many Sikhs and their sympathisers place candle in their window sill and whisper a silent prayer in memory of more than 4,000 Sikh men, women and children killed in 1984 Sikh genocide. It is a candle light vigil to mourn the death so that the victim may be sufficiently detached and righteous to break the cycle of birth and death and return to the Almighty.

On a fateful November 1, 1984, large mobs from suburbs of Delhi and bordering villages of Uttar Pradesh carried iron rods, machetes, knives, clubs, staves, and combustible material such as gallons of kerosene to exterminate the Sikhs. Their shops and houses were ransacked and burned. The death toll in Delhi alone was 2,733, of Sikhs who were burned alive, knifed or clubbed to death.

The wily culprits insidiously used the voters' lists to identify Sikh houses and their business premises. Also mobsters swarmed into Sikh neighborhoods, arbitrarily killing any Sikh men they could lay their hand on. To prevent Sikhs from taking refuge in gurdwaras, most of Delhi's gurdwaras were effectively roadblocked in the early hours of the violence. The expedient means of setting houses ablaze was used to get at Sikh families who had taken refuge on the roofs of their homes. Some families were burnt alive. The armed mobs stopped buses and trains and other modes of transport, in and around Delhi, pulled out Sikh passengers to lynch or douse with kerosene to burn them alive. The massacre of Sikhs was being carried out with macabre ferocity and surprising impunity.

These unfortunate Sikhs, had been denied the readings of holy Psalm of Peace from Sukhmani Sahib composed by the fifth Guru Arjan Devji, to console the dying person. Many of them died before they could know. On the day of their cremation, the fear of mob attack could not make the ceremonial death ritual complete. Not all the victims were taken to the Gurdwara or home where hymns (Shabads) from the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Scriptures are recited by the congregation, which induce feeling of consolation and courage. Also Kirtan were performed rarely by ragis or their relatives of the deceased who were nearly frozen sitting near the corpses.

One of the hapless victims of Sikh genocide was a family in Rajinder Nagar. A mob stormed into house and eliminated all the members of the family. Ever since the house is deserted and haunted by the former residents. Ravi Shankar, journalist and known political cartoonist, says, "The neighbours hear the phone ringing, the TV playing, the taps running and noises of children at play, though the place has been bare and deserted ever since." It was a close-knit family, who enjoyed living together with their children cavorting in the balcony while the elders occupied themselves running the household chores. Neighbours still remember them as a generous and lively family. Probably they chose to remain the same way after their death.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Mobile Store customer care is a BIG DRAG

I had purchased a Motorola V3i mobile phone on Sunday, Dec 16th, from the following outlet:

The Mobile Store
Shop No. 17, District Center,
Plot No.7(A),DDA Building,
Janak Puri,Delhi – 110058. Tel. No. 64585811

However inspite of the Lucky Locket Scheme running as per the websiteof Motorola ( was valid till 23.59 hours of Dec 16th, 2007 they did notprovide me any scratch card or a locket. Today when I called them upafter coming to know of the scheme they simply refused to provide mewith any locket to scratch and talked to me in a very rude manner.

The invoice number for the stated transaction is:Delh/01060/00001/7366 dated Dec 16, 2007

I hope The Mobile Store customer care would do something about it. However I know customer care in India s**ks big time and I would never hear back from them. GOSH!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cheating ka guru Travelguru

Cheating ka guru-Travelguru

Booking Id: TGU0000024695

I would want others to stay away from travelguru as I have had a really bad experience. I had booked a hotel through travelguru for Dec 22-Dec 25 in Sarovar Portico, Manali. Due to some unforseen circumstances, I had to cancel my booking on 15th Dec. As per the booking voucher, I was supposed to get refund - deduction of one nights room and taxes. However, I was shocked to see the cancellation voucher which I recieved which mentions that the refund amount is zero. So, travelguru has very cleverly cancelled my booking and refunded me zero amount.

Incase you want to book over the telephone, your call would be connected instantly to a customer care executive. God forbid if you want to cancel your booking over the telephone. You would be lucky if your call gets connected in 45 minutes and you get to talk to a customer care executive. All you hear is a executive coming on the line every 10 minutes saying that the systems are running a bit slow.

Overall a very bad experience.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moving On...

Hence forth would be available on:

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Miserable 3 months in Japan

After a Long time...Normal with me. Once I start I keep on doing it and then suddenly one fine day, stop it..Anyways....

Oh gosh, what a miserable 3 months they were in Japan. Had no access to orkut, nothing...No
net access except to Had to create a group for each friend and used google groups in a good way. For details, get in touch with me. ;)

Fortunately we had access to excite and being the (un)intelligent surd that I am, I managed
to find access to a parameter in excite which we can manipulate to open websites through
excite. The only problemo was we could open only sites that did not have any dynamic
content. But atleast we had something..

Would really not like to comment here why it was miserable even in the office with my and
Vasu's constant fights with him...Let it be a blot. The good thing was there were no
complaints from Fujitsu on my performance. Infact they had a good word about Vasu's and mine performance. It was real easy. We were the only ones who would leave the office by 6 in the
evening but still managed to complete our job and get good review on our performance.
Probably the thing that clicked was our presentation to Fujitsu which the managers gave to
NTT DoCoMo with the only change being to translate it to Japanese from English. That
particular presentation was liked by the higher-ups in NTT and that did the trick for us.

This lucky presentation even made Furjitsu think that I had good Symbian knowledge. What a

Just to boost my ego here is a copy-paste of the email from the Sr. Manager.. ;)
Dear Vasudev,
>> How are you?
>> I heard you had already joined another organization in Mumbai area.
>> Now we are in a fix. Today we got a call from Muso-san's boss saying that> they wanted to take you and Jaspreet for long term assignment. In this

>> Please respond for everything.
>> Hope every thing is fine otherwise.

>> Take care.
>> Thanks and regards
> S V Prasad
> Sr. Director - Technical
Oh btw, to be honest Moti did click a photo of mine in the office (Didn't anyone tell him its illegal to do that ;) ) about what I am good at. I am gonna let you guys have a look at it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kya Khoya kya paaya

Crudely translated the subject would mean 'What was lost, what I gained?'

So, lets for a moment travel back in 2005 and see for myself how did it fare for me...

Ended up spending the first day of 2005 in Nagapattnam thanks to Prashant. Came back I guess after spending a couple of days there.

Left Mindteck in March-end and joined up Mars on 1st day of the FY 2005-06. Now leaving Mars and probably for good going to Delhi in a couple of days.

Got to spend a few months in Chicago. Also went over to Louisiana for a fortnight. Yupu thats almost it in my boring life. Boy it was mast working alongwith FEMA, US Military et al doww at FEMA Command Centre in Baton Rouge.

Was in a personal mess around Oct but thanks to the Big Man Upstairs, he helped me come out of it. Looking back I now realise how close was I to making a big sh** out of my life but again thanks bhagwan.

Met Harmeet, Gagan, Sumeer Aunty, Amandeep, his wife (sorry again dont rememebr her name) and a couple of other blokes in Chicago. Mentioned about them in previous posts too.

Got to visit lots of Gurudwaras - Hazoor Saheb, Nanak Jheera, Gurudwaras in Hyderabad, Gurudwaras in Chicago, Wisonsin and got to have darshan of Harmandar Saheb once again. May Waheguru always have his blessings on me.

Got a bit richer over past one year but not as much as I would have liked. :)

Lots of people I knew got married in 2005. Lots of others I know are taking the plunge in 2006. Probably I might also walk down that path in 2006.

Spent new years eve with Batra and family, Rahul and Anuj by playing flash for 3-4 hours at night. Batra owes me 60 paise from flash. :) Lets hope he repays me unlike his bro, Kunal. :)

Thats it. Wishing everyone I know or may come to know of a very happy and exciting 2006.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Time to head North

I guess it was 5th November 2002 when I stepped out of Delhi to join Wipro Tech in Bangalore. Oh boy, its been 3+ years and it seems like for eternity that I was out of Delhi. I did try a couple of time to come back but somehow or the other nothing ever materialised.

Now because of a personal mess I am into and urge to get back I finally managed to pull off an interview (actually 3 rounds of tech.).

I put in my papers here on Nov 30th expecting to be out of this prison by this year end but alas someone did not like me to be relieved so easily and hence create un-necessary problems. After numerous rounds of arguments, I am going on 6th Jan. I say so because ir-respective of whether these guys create some more last minute problems or not, I am simply gonna go. I can't wait to get back to Delhi. Its been really cold there with temperature hovering around 3 degress Celcius.

Oh, btw someone else is just going within a few days of him putting in his papers just because he is someone x and I cant go. When I put this across to the HR, she sternly said that since I dont know when he put in his papers so I should not be making un-necessary comments. I could argue with her that would they have allowed him to go for his marriage and take leave during the notice period. Surely naa. What does she think me to be ? I just stayed quiet because there is no purpose in getting into another round of arguments but I would surely give these guys a piece of my mind.

Chalo lets leave this aside, something strange also happened at home front. Manu Singh sent a strange 'a few things' mail which I did not expect him to be sending. He is a senti but a real helpful boy and luckily for a change Anuj Baba also used his mind and things did not get out of control.

As for home @ Delhi, tilings have been done in the house and mom said that the house looks beautiful now. Gosh I cant wait for another day here in Hyderabad and just doing a countdown.

Amitabh would be joining here on 8th, the same day I join NPIL. Lets wish him the best of luck. Rasti would have gone through his HR @ FSS yesterday and I am waiting for him to let us know as to what has he been offered.

Chalo, bye bye for now. Lets all hope that I get a smooth exit from here!!